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A warm friendship develops between a young Jewish journalist and a cantankerous Holocaust survivor who is on a crusade to include "soap" in Holocaust museums -- Did the Nazis make soap from the corpses of murdered Jews?  Along the way the play grapples with the pernicious evil of antisemitism masquerading as Holocaust denial.  THE SOAP MYTH asks provocative questions like Who has the right to write history? and How does a survivor survive surviving?


April 15 - Tampa, FL

April 16 - Sarasota, FL

April 22 - New York (Center for Jewish History) - special performance filmed for PBS

April 23 - Delaware Theater Company (Wilmington)

April 24 - Hartford, CT

April 29 - Milwaukee, WI

April 30 - Indianapolis, IN

May 2 & 3 - St. Louis, MO

May 4 - Cleveland, OH

May 5 - Columbus, OH

May 6 & 7 - Pittsburgh, PA




The East Coast tour of


was WILDLY successful.

 Sold out audiences in

Baltimore, Wilmington,

Tenafly, Commack and

New York City!

Ed Asner
Liba Vaynberg and Ed Asner
Liba Vaynberg and Tovah Feldshuh
Ned Eisenberg
Liba Vaynberg, Ed Asner, Tovah Feldshuh and Ned Eisenberg
Ed Asner and Liba Vaynberg
Ed Asner and Tovah Feldshuh
Liba Vaynberg and Tovah Feldshuh
Ned Eisenberg and Liba Vaynberg
Liba Vaynberg and Ed Asner
curtain call - Blair Baker, Ed Asner, Johanna Day, Ned Eisenberg
Tovah Feldshuh
post performance talk back
Ed Asner & Johanna Day
Ed Asner & Blair Baker

The Soap Myth starring Ed Asner, Blair Baker, Johanna Day and Ned Eisenberg


THE SOAP MYTH stars the legendary Ed Asner and features 2 time Tony Award nominee Johanna Day, 3 time Tony Award nominee Tovah Feldshuh and 2 time Drama Desk Award winner Jayne Atkinson.  It is directed by Pam Berlin.

It has played to sold out audiences and critical acclaim Off Broadway at The Roundabout Theater, at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts (NYC), at the Kirk Douglas Theatre (LA), at the Delaware Theatre Company (Wilmington), at the Arsht Center/Knight Concert Hall (Miami), at The Gordon Center (Baltimore), at the Parker Playhouse (Ft. Lauderdale), at The Zeiterion Theatre (New Bedford, MA), at Hofstra University (Hempstead, LI), and others.


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THE SOAP MYTH takes place more than a half century after the end of WWII when a friendship develops between a young Jewish journalist and a cantankerous Holocaust survivor on a crusade regarding the Nazi atrocity of soap.  THE SOAP MYTH dramatically explores how a survivor survives surviving and questions who has the right to write history - those who have lived it and remember, those who study and protect it, or those who would seek to distort and desecrate its very existence. 



“A pointed investigation of the politics of history.  A revelation.  Genuinely moving.”  The New York Times

“Mesmerizing.  Forceful.  Powerful.”  The New York Post

“Compelling, important and provocative.”  American Public Television/PBS


“It is an intense evening - in 85 minutes, The Soap Myth manages to deal with complicated concepts — the definition of history and truth; degrees of human depravity and duplicity; and insidious Holocaust denial. At the same time, it captures the humanity of its characters, and delivers perfect archetypes.”  The Jewish Standard


“The Soap Myth continues to haunt me, it is theatre of witness at its best. The Soap Myth is not to be missed.”   Jewish Voice


“There are certain movies, plays, books that one wishes would never end. For me, “The Soap Myth” is one of those extraordinary plays.”  The Villager


From Holocaust scholars, Rabbis, Jewish Organizations and Presenters

“I urge audiences to see The Soap Myth.  Experience it, interact with it, confront it, wrestle with it, engage it and challenge it.”  Michael Berenbaum, Former Project Director USHMMM 1987-1993;  Former Director of the Research Institute of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1993-1997;  Former President and CEO, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation 1997-2000

"The Soap Myth is a powerful confrontation between survivor memory and historical memory as well as a scathing depiction of the insidiousness of sophisticated Holocaust denial. It is a remarkably effective teaching tool.”  William Shulman, President, The Association of Holocaust Organizations


"We were proud to present The Soap Myth."  Elaine Valby, Chief of Staff, The Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust


“The Soap Myth was incredible. My grandparents were survivors and Ed Asner sounded exactly like my grandfather. Wow - so powerful!”  Eli Schostak, Executive Director, Boystown Jerusalem Foundation


“It’s a very powerful play.  Thanks for bringing it to us.”  Susana Flaum, Adolph & Rose Levis JCC, Boca Raton, FL


“It was great to see our theatre full for the show—I heard a lot of positive feedback from audience members as they were leaving that night. Please give our thanks to Ed (Asner) for such a memorable evening.”  Laura Salvatore, Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

“Thank you for creating a most memorable evening last night! The mitzvah you and your company did for us is immeasurable.  The Soap Myth has become my passion and I have been the recipient of glowing remarks about it all day.” Catherine Fischer, Rodeph Shalom Congregation, Philadelphia, PA

 “On behalf of our Board of Directors and our congregation, I want to thank you for bringing your incredible play to us. It was truly a special performance and one of our highlight evenings at University Synagogue.  Everyone was moved by the performance.  I received hundreds of “thank you’s” which I am now pleased to share with you.”  Michael Stone, President, University Synagogue, Irvine, CA


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a most memorable and powerful evening. It was a profound artistic and intellectual experience, ethically challenging, painful at times, and that was its greatness.  It continues to haunts me.”  Rabbi Arnie Rachlis, University Synagogue, Irvine, CA

 “Hugely compelling, very well written and beautifully performed – magnificent!”           Henry Goodman, Olivier Award winning actor.


“Thank you all so much for an incredible experience!”  Jill Kratish, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL


From Audience Members


“This was absolutely amazing.  Ed Asner gave an impeccable, heart wrenching performance. He is 88 and still rocking the stage!”  Diane F.  Providence, RI

“My mother and I - she’s a Holocaust survivor - found the play to be extraordinary in all respects.  It is really a work of creative genius.”  Hope L., Philadelphia, PA


“The play was phenomenal and the acting was awesome.” Gary L & Lisa R., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“What a mitzvah to have shared such a significant and horrific piece of our history, and to put in place another reminder to never forget.” Ruth F., Philadelphia, PA


“The play was wonderful!  Ed Asner was great.  My husband and I would highly recommend this play to everyone!”  Sue R., New Bedford, MA

“The mitzvah that we all experienced with The Soap Myth coming to Philadelphia originated with you, your vision, your passion and your beautiful play.  You have left Philadelphia for the moment but your name and your play will forever be in our hearts and minds.”  Michael Coleman, Philadelphia, PA


“I loved it!  Beautifully acted, staged, directed and written - A masterpiece!

Thank you for bringing us such important and well produced events.”  Jody S., Providence, RI


“Thank you for bringing that powerful and haunting production to Philadelphia last night.  I was riveted from start to finish.  As we talked about the play afterwards, I mentioned that the chilling subject has always fascinated me – how it is possible for human beings to have no humanity.  I believe my reaction is what the playwright intended – to think about these issues, to examine my beliefs, and be a better person.  So thank you for that deep and compelling experience.”  Liz Dow, CEO, Leadership Philadelphia

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