OTB (On The Bike )

A funny and moving new play about a love story between a native New Yorker and the  bicycles in his life.


In August of 1942, a German industrialist put his life and his family's life in danger by warning the world about The Final Solution.  This heroic man's identity was kept secret for 40 years - secret from the world and secret from his own family.  He was posthumously honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations - A Righteous Gentile.


This family drama - deeply moving and darkly funny - tells the story of Stan "Squeaky" Cohen.  His two sons deal with the end-of-life issues of their father and their own fraught sibling relationship.

Tennis Bums

This reality/competition TV show is for tennis addicts everywhere!  The format is simple -- tennis players of all ages, sizes and skill levels around the country "try out" for teams coached by celebrity tennis players.  These teams spend two weeks at luxurious tennis resorts around the globe under the watchful eye of their coaches seeking to improve their games.  The teams play a unique "team tennis" style tournament and the two top teams play against each other at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in New York City - home of the US Open.  The winning players earn money prizes and the title - WORLD'S GREATEST TENNIS BUMS!

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